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How many times have you started spring cleaning and gotten distracted with a maintenance issue? You are not alone. While you’re cleaning, make a list of the spring repair projects to tackle on another day. You will be able to finish your cleaning, plus create a list of tools and materials necessary to work on those needed repairs and maintenance. Here are some common examples of necessary spring home repair projects that you might notice while doing your annual spring cleaning.

3 Common Spring Home Repair Projects

Tattered Screens

Washing windows can draw your attention to tattered screens that are worn or damaged by harsh weather conditions. Any small opening or loose corner will give insects a doorway inside your home. This is an inexpensive and simple task that you can do yourself. Replacing old screens will help to protect your home from pesky bugs and give your windows a well-maintained appearance.

Damaged Wood Window Sills and Molding

While wiping down window sills and molding, you may run across a damp or soft area in the wood. This can indicate a leak in your home’s exterior seal. Spring home repair projects like this may require some professional advice. Where is the water coming from? It could be a simple break in the caulking or something more severe. There could be roof damage or a gap in the gutter system. A home maintenance inspection by a professional home inspector will alert you to any issues you may have with your roofing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and your home’s foundation. Spring is a great time to have your home inspected so any needed repairs can be made before the heat of summer.

Maintain Decks and Patios

Your cleaning may seem simple when it comes to spraying down the exterior deck or patio, however sometimes this also reveals problems that require more attention. A warped board or signs of rust on metal could point to necessary spring repair projects. If there is damage to wood, replacing and resealing planks may be necessary. Metal surfaces can be stripped, sanded and treated with a primer. Acrylic exterior paint can then be sprayed on to prevent further damage.

Spring Home Repair Projects

Spring is an excellent time for cleaning up and preparing for the summer season. However, spring repair projects should be addressed early on before more extensive damage occurs. Make your list of needed materials and get these issues taken care of before they have a chance to grow into major problems.

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